Plan for Sales by Emily Dennis

Plan for Sales

Plan for sales is a mini course to help you map out and plan the next year in your business.  Rather than hope for sales, plan for sales!

Using a wall calendar as a visual aid, this class walks you through practical planning and a little bit of intention setting to cut the fluff and actually plan on doing the things that drive the most revenue for your business.

You'll get some insights into how I plan out my year for my own business along the way!

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What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos


1 min
Lesson One: The Wall Calendar
Using a wall calendar and why it helps
6 mins
A look at the wall calendar system and how it works
6 mins
Lesson Two: What will go on your calendar?
What will go on your wall calendar
6 mins
What will go on your calendar - part 2
5 mins
Plan for Sales_lesson 2 _ a look back at 2019.mp4
7 mins
Lesson Three: Set up your calendar
PlanforSales_lesson 3.mp4
11 mins
Lesson Four: What happens when you fail to meet your goals
What happens when you don't accomplish your goals?
3 mins
BONUS: Reach your goals with these tips and tricks
Bonus Lesson
5 mins
BONUS: A look back at 2020 + setting up 2021
Planning 2021.mp4
13 mins
A look back at 2020.mp4
8 mins