Pin It for Sales

Turn your online shop into a daily sales machine.  

Learn easy Pinterest workflows that lead to sales.  Pin It for Sales is for the creative maker with an online shop.

You’ve been creating some really great products but you just can’t seem to grow your following enough to make a difference.

You're not getting very far on Instagram and frankly it’s not leading to sales.

Does it seem like everyone else just puts their stuff out there and BAM it explodes? You know there has got to be a better way to actually increase your sales and grow your business.

You’d love to start seeing some results, but how?  Does everyone else have something you don’t?  Nope! to leverage the power of Pinterest to actually make more sales? to get to that point where your products are selling daily?

Nope! But it's used differently now.

It used to be just another social media channel where you had to grow a following.  You would join a few group boards and Bam, grow your following. 
But now… it’s basically a search engine.  A really visual search engine.  And one that you don’t want to miss out on or avoid. 

By avoiding it you are missing out on millions of active users who go there every day to search for the things they are interested in. 

I’ve tried using Pinterest before with no luck.  Is it even worth it?

YES!  Using Pinterest in a consistent strategic way can pay off big time!  You need a plan though. 

  • Slapping up pins here and there isn’t going to work.

  • Pinning your product and expecting it to sell out within the hour isn’t going to work.

  • Adding one pin to your shop isn’t going to work.

  • Adding all of your products at once and hoping you suddenly go viral isn’t likely going to happen.


Your target audience is on Pinterest.

When you have a clear plan and a clear method for reaching them over there, the sales chimes start ringing!

You will learn how to use Pinterest to drive more customers and more fans to your products on a consistent basis.

This isn’t about strategies that quite frankly could change tomorrow.  

Instead this is a solid method that will stand the test of time through all of the algorithm changes that Pinterest throws our way.

If you sell a passive product (digital downloads or product that doesn't sell out), learn how to leverage Pinterest for daily sales.  This class takes you through all of the steps from setting up your Profile, which boards you should have, how often you should pin, Pinterest friendly images, group boards, converting your pins to sales, what to do post pin, and finally a solid workflow.

This is a step by step blueprint walking you through exactly what to do with each new product you create.  And how to continue to sell all of the other products in your online shop.  

Here is why Pinterest is made for Crafty Creatives like yourself:

It’s a visual search engine.  It was literally made as a way for you to share your product photos with the world. 

How lucky are you that there is a massive search engine that caters to pretty things!?

Millions of users are going there every day to find products just like yours.  

Crafts and DIY is one of the top categories that Pinterest users are searching under.  Guess who has some really great Crafts and DIY items?!  

Ding, ding, ding… that would be YOU!

It can explode your income potential!

What kind of a difference would it make for your business to get just 5, 10, 20  (out of the 300 million) Pinterest users over to your shop and hit the buy button on a daily basis?  

You can’t afford to not learn how to use Pinterest to tap into that revenue potential. 

I created Pin it for Sales to give you the complete system I used to turn my online shop into a daily selling machine.

It wasn't always this way.

I knew Pinterest was a valuable tool for my shop but I didn’t know exactly how to use it to increase sales.  A few years ago I set out to figure it out.  I tried so many different things.  I just started throwing all the pasta at the wall waiting for something to stick.

A lot of the pasta fell but slowly, some of it started to stick ;)  

I put in hours and hours and hours of pinning just hoping to see some growth.  Does this sound familiar?  

Simple methods started to become clear.  Simple ones!  

So I started to repeat what seemed to be working and bingo!  This class was born.  I’m so excited to share these methods with you so you can start to turn your online shop into a money making machine.  (and...without sacrificing your life to do it!)

Course Content


Module one is all about setting yourself up for Pinterest success.  It starts with getting your profile in tip top shape and goes over all the key items you need to do for future Pinterest success.  
  • Pinterest Profile
  • Business vs Personal profile
  • Focus board
  • Clean up your boards
  • Rich pins
  • Pin it widgets
  • Analytics
  • Group boards


Module two is all about creating Pinterest friendly images.  Learn what makes images Pinterest friendly and how to create them yourself.
  • Photo organization
  • Pinterest friendly images
  • Branding
  • Pinterest friendly images demos!


Module three is all about pinning!  Learn the how, what and where when it comes to pinning on Pinterest.  Dive into Tailwind and see how valuable it is for your business.
  • The how, what and where when it comes to pinning
  • What to do post pin
  • Blog link vs shop link
  • Deleting pins
  • Are your pins converting to sales?
  • Time to start pinning!
  • Tailwind 


Module Four takes you through the entire workflow of product creation to pinning on Pinterest.  Walk through a photo session, photo editing and getting those images on Pinterest.
  • Workflow:  photo session
  • Workflow:  from editing to pinning
  • Editing demos

Pin it for Sales Workbook

The class comes with a downloadable workbook.  Take notes and brainstorm as you follow along. 

This class is meant to be actionable.  Use the checklists in the workbook as you go through the class.  It will be easy to follow and easy to implement!


If you have a small business online, in any field, Pin it for Sales is for you!  The first module alone is worth the money.  I have been using Pinterest for marketing/sales for a couple of years now and I didn't even have some of the basic practices down that Emily shares.  Within 4 days I saw my Pinterest (and sales!) increase significantly just by implementing module one! I am excited to learn simple, actionable items and implement them into every part of my online presence.  And the best part, I can continue to come back and reference all of the in-depth tutorials for years to come! 
Meghan - Then Came June
Emily has created a course that walks you through the entire process of using Pinterest to build your business.
She answers the questions we all want to know - Do I link to my shop or my blog?  What boards do I need?  What about group boards?
After completing the first module, my Pinterest stats increased by over 5% - in one day!   I'm super excited to see where implementing Pin It For Sales takes my business.

Myra - Busy Hands Quilts
Emily has been turning her creative endeavors into her day job for the past 8 years.  She started Create your Day Job as a way to educate and inspire other creatives to create not only the work they love but the life they love. 

Currently Emily runs Quilty Love, a quilt pattern design company.  Using tools like Instagram and Pinterest has grown Emily's business to a full time day job.

Buy risk free

Not sure if Pin it for Sales is right for you? 
Try it risk free with our 10 day money back guarantee.
If you don’t see how any of these methods will work for your business, reach out within 10 days for a refund.  I’m offering this money back guarantee because I strongly believe that Pin it for Sales can help you reach new earning potential in your business.  


Will this class be relevant to me if I sell a physical product rather than a digital download?

Probably!  The methods are the same no matter what you're selling.  Pin it for Sales is all about using Pinterest to direct your target audience to your products.  If your product creation is low or you sell one of a kind items it may not feel as relevant.  But those who do sell one of a kind items can still use the methods in this class and in fact learn how to continue to use sold items to direct your customers to available items (This will feel way more relevant if you have a blog.)

Do I have to have a blog for this class?

You don't.  But as you go through the class you will see how a blog can be valuable to your business and how you can really leverage Pinterest through a blog. 

I offer a service rather than a product. Will this class help?

Probably not.  If you have an active blog that attracts your ideal customers, you may find the information relevant but this class is really geared towards online shops that sell products.

How long do I have access?

Forever!  You will continue to have access for as long as the class is offered.  Any updates made to the class are yours for free.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are considered for up to 10 days of purchase.  If you find out this class just isn't for you, send us an email within 10 days.

I’ve never used Pinterest for my business. Should I take this class if I’m a newbie?

Yes!  This class will be perfect for you!  You will get the most out of this class if you already have an online shop and want to use Pinterest to increase your sales.

Is this class only for quilt pattern designers?

Nope!  If you have an online shop in any creative industry you will find value in this class.  I use my quilting business as an example through a lot of it but everything will translate to other products.

What level is this for? Total beginner or someone with pinning experience for their biz?

I think both will benefit!  The course assumes you already have a Pinterest account and know how to navigate Pinterest.  This class is for online shop owners who want to learn how to use Pinterest to drive more traffic and more sales to their shop.  

Is the course at set times or are we able to watch whenever?

You can go through the entire course at your own pace.  Once you have access, you have access to the entire thing 24/7.

Is this course geared towards bloggers or for Etsy sellers?

It's geared towards online shops, Etsy included.  The goal is to increase sales through Pinterest.  You will see throughout the course how having a blog is beneficial in helping with this goal but it's not a necessity.  

I sell handmade one of a kind items on Etsy. Will this class help me?

If you sell one of a kind items it may not feel as relevant especially if your shop doesn't carry many items at any one time.  

Is this course for someone who already has a business started?

If you already have a business started this course is super actionable. I recommend it for shop owners with products already in place.  However, there is a ton to learn in this class if you are just starting out.  It will probably feel overwhelming though.